Portobello LIVE Event – Acklam Village

Portobello LIVE Event – Acklam Village

Portobello Live 04-05-14

On Monday I spent most of the afternoon and all of the evening at Portobello LIVE centred around Acklam Village at the top of Portobello Road. With 6 music venues and a pile of bands and musician it was hard to know what to see and where to start. First up for me to see was  energetic and rhythmic Alex Hulme, then the amazing ‘Chant‘ featuring Youth, Jon Moss, Dave Barbarossa and guests with mind blowing drumming and vocal gymnastics from people pulled from the crowd. After that a short stroll along to Mode to catch lyrical treats from Santa Semeli & The Monks, the dianabol fit hard edged rocking, yet soulful S’ME, a short but beautiful set from Flood, Worry Dolls (I am now a fan) and last (for me that is) Pink Cigar who provided all the excitement and daring that I use to expect from glam/punk/rock. I left head buzzing, ears feeling as if they had been bleeding and on a euphoric high that only live music can give you. Many thanks to Sue Flood,

Below are a selection of each of the bands I saw. Just click the image to go to their individual post. If you would like an image or if you are the band and want to used them, talk to me!

Santa Semeli & The Monks - Mode - Portobello Live 04-05-14

Santa Semeli & The Monks – Mode – Portobello Live 04-05-14

S'ME - Mode - Portobello Live 04-05-14

S’ME – Mode – Portobello Live 04-05-14

Worry Dolls - Portobello Live 04-05-14

Worry Dolls – Portobello Live 04-05-14

FLOOD - Portobello Live 04-05-14

FLOOD – Portobello Live 04-05-14

Chant - Acklam Village- Portobello Live 04-05-14

Chant – Acklam Village- Portobello Live 04-05-14

Pink Cigar - Mode - Portobello Live 04-05-14

Pink Cigar – Mode – Portobello Live 04-05-14

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