James Alexander Lyon photographs Couture Runway Show – Oxford Fashion Week, 6 March 2015

James Alexander Lyon photographs Couture Runway Show – Oxford Fashion Week, 6 March 2015

Couture Runway Show 06-03-15 - Oxford Fashion Week 2015 Photos: James Alexander Lyon

Couture Runway Show 06-03-15 – Oxford Fashion Week 2015 Photos: James Alexander Lyon

Images from the Oxford Fashion Week Couture Show on March 6 2015 shot by James Alexander Lyon. For further details and rates for shooting catwalk shows please contact me via: catwalks@jamesalexanderlyon.com

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Curator: Daisy Carling-Rose
Runway Director: Tiffany Saunders
Hair: Matthew Clulee Hair Studio
MUA: Zoe Shepherd, Emma Shepherd, Rabia Karim, Wendy Campbell, Brooke WIlliams, Jess Kaimakami

Featured designers:

Beste Bragg Haute Couture


Omar Mansoor

Patrick Casey

Neon Duchess

Bliss Studio Textiles

Marianne Samara

RocoCo by Cornelia Turcu
Facebook Page

Rosie Red Corsetry


For more information on Oxford Fashion Week please visit:



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