James Alexander Lyon photographs Lingerie Runway Show – Oxford Fashion Week, 5 March 2015

James Alexander Lyon photographs Lingerie Runway Show – Oxford Fashion Week, 5 March 2015

Lingerie Runway Show 05-03-15 - Oxford Fashion Week 2015 Photos: James Alexander Lyon

Lingerie Runway Show 05-03-15 – Oxford Fashion Week 2015 Photos: James Alexander Lyon

Images from the Oxford Fashion Week Lingerie Runway Show on March 5 2015 shot by James Alexander Lyon. For further details and rates for shooting catwalk shows please contact me via: catwalks@jamesalexanderlyon.com

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Curator: Tiffany Saunders
Runway Director v tada super: Tiffany Saunders
Hair: Matthew Clulee Hair Studio
MUA: Zoe Shepherd, Emma Shepherd, Rabia Karim, Wendy Campbell, Brooke WIlliams, Jess Kaimakami
Vocalist: Jess Kaimakami

Featured designers:

Edge O’ Beyond

Fred & Ginger

William Wilde


Neon Duchess

Petits Bisous Chelsea

Jon Harris


For more information on Oxford Fashion Week please visit:



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