Vivien Sheriff At Goodwood Revival

Vivien Sheriff At Goodwood Revival

This year I was at the Goodwood Revival for the full three days and the weather this time was glorious (last years was cold and windy)! I was covering the creative output of the wonderful Betty’s Salon under the creative leadership of Lisa George. One of her clients, Vivien Sheriff the talented and creative Milliner were in for a vintage make-over with three models to be photographed by the Pussy Galor (Bond) helicopter. I tagged along taking images of the lovely ladies getting ready and then on to the helicopter and some vintage cars for good measure. I’ve posted some of the images below with links to a couple of published articles. Thank you Vivien Sheriff and Anna Hickling for the opportunity.

Vivien Sheriff @ Goodwood Revival 2014 Vivien Sheriff-Goodwood Revival 2014

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Revival story on Dorset Society website:

Revival story on Lifestyle Listing website:

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