King George V Gold Cup at Hickstead 03-08-14

A few Sunday’s ago Flora and I went to Hickstead to see the jumping and other equestrian events. The weather was perfect and we arrived nice and early to see as many of the events as we possibly could. The highlight of the day and probably of the event itself is the King George V Gold Cup. Here are a couple I took on the day, as you can see I got a good position to see the action.

Elizabeth Madden riding Cortes 'C' wins the Longines King George V Gold Cup at Hickstead

Elizabeth Madden riding Cortes ‘C’ wins the Longines King George V Gold Cup at Hickstead

Hickstead 03-08-1

You can view more horse pictures HERE on our new web site. Highlights of Hickstead 2014 are below on the slideshow.

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