Models of Diversity at The Ideal Home Show 1st April 2015 – Show 3

Models of Diversity at The Ideal Home Show 1st April 2015 – ‘New Beauty’ Show 3 (16:30)

Models of Diversity at The Ideal Home Show 1st April 2015 - Show 3

Models of Diversity at The Ideal Home Show 1st April 2015 – Show 3

‘New Beauty‘ ShowMovie Carol (2015)

The last show (4:40pm) ‘New Beauty will be dedicated to new designers. Again focusing on beauty from within. Will comprise a Diversity show as well as designs from the established and the newcomers.

The show will feature Treedolls, the latest up-and-coming clothing label, inspired by the beautiful diversity of powerful London women. They provide stylish solutions to those seeking trendsetting designs. Their design philosophy was simple; empower women through affordable fashion that doesn’t compromise on style or comfort. Respecting their roots by supporting local trade, Treedolls oversee the entire process, from choosing high quality fabrics at local wholesalers to manufacturing locally.

Emilia A Walls ‘I Love Four Seasons’ designs, beautifully feminine gowns for women that accentuate their shape and beauty.

Menswear by Maurice Whittingham born in Birmingham a self taught designer with a love and passion for tailoring with a distinctive feel and edge. The recent winner of Rule the Runway UK Fashion Show Menswear 2015 believes style and fashion are a great expression of individuality and personality.

Producer: Angel Sinclair for Models of Diversity
Concept/Organiser: Barbra Sharon
Stage Manager: James Lyon
Principle photographer for Models of Diversity: James Alexander Lyon
Stylist: Jennifer Klein
Hair: Fiona Chaffey Hair Stylist and Carshalton College
MUA: London Make Up School and Karen Salandy
Choreographer: Francis Alejandro Cardoso

Below is a selection of images from the show (211 images) some have been held back for possible publication and will be released later). If you post these images please credit all concerned, including me, thank you.

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