Pink Cigar – Mode – Portobello LIVE

Pink Cigar – Mode – Portobello LIVE

Pink Cigar - Mode - Portobello Live 04-05-14

Pink Cigar – Mode – Portobello Live 04-05-14

I didn’t know what to expect but as they came out and hit the cross and vocals I was sold! I haven’t had such a buzz from a group since IĀ first listened to The New York Dolls. So many great images came towards the camera and shooting with a 17mm I was getting all the action. Loved the set they played and want to hear more. Going in search of some studio tuneage! You can see other band images HERE. Workout Gym Fitness Bodybuilding Motivation Concept stockvector (rechtenvrij) testo ultra bijwerkingen merk sportscholen kleding heren bodybuilding tanktop met capuchon katoen mouwloos vest sweatshirt fitness workout sportkleding tops heren – lekima store.

Here are some of the images.

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